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Our BRITTO CHARETTE interior design studio is located in Wynwood Miami. We invite you to contact our team for more information. Give us a call or click on the business cards below to send us an email.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Vendor: How do I schedule a meeting with your team to show you my company’s products/services?

BC: Thank you for your interest in sharing your products/services with us! Please fill out the vendor presentation application form here. After we receive it, it will be reviewed by our interior designers to see if the products are a good fit with our aesthetic and needs. If the designers would like to schedule a meeting, then we will reach out to you and get one on the books.

Vendor: I am visiting Miami and would like to drop by your studio to show you my catalog and briefly meet with you. Is that ok?

BC: No. But thank you for asking before just doing it. J While we would love to meet you, we simply can’t accommodate drop-in meetings. Please understand that this is to protect our clients as they are our priority, and our designers are busy taking care of their projects. We will gently share with you that you don’t want to be remembered by our team as the vendor who interrupted our client meetings, internal meetings, or scheduled site visits. Alternatively, you can fill out the vendor application and we will be happy to review your products when the time is convenient for our designers.

Vendor: I submitted my vendor application but haven’t heard from you. What gives?

BC: Thank you for submitting the application! We will respond as soon as time allows. Please keep in mind that we receive thousands of vendor emails/requests every year.

Vendor: I presented to your team, but you still haven’t purchased any of my products/services. Why?

BC: We specify based on our clients’ needs. When a design element is needed, we review our library of resources and then reach out to the respective vendors for more information, pricing, lead times, etc. If you haven’t heard from us, then we haven’t had a need, yet, for your beautiful products.

Vendor: I’d like to ship you some materials/samples for your library.  Is that ok?

BC: Please, please, please don’t. We are working hard to reduce waste, and the environmental impact of unsolicited samples makes us, well, sad. A better way? Fill out the vendor application form and check the I JUST WANT TO SEND SAMPLES box at the top. We’ll review the application and then if we need to see samples, we will reach out and ask for them.

Vendor: I’ve sent multiple emails about my products/business to your team but haven’t heard back. What can I do to get on your radar?

BC: If you’ve sent multiple emails, don’t worry, you are on our radar. We do read them, but when we aren’t interested in the products/services at the point in time we read them, we don’t always have time to respond. And if we receive too many emails, they end up in our spam folders. Better way? Fill out the vendor application and be assured that we will review it and will reach out to you if we have any questions or want more information.

Vendor: Who reviews the vendor applications?

BC: Our interior designers review the applications and select which vendors they need to speak with based on current or anticipated design needs.

Vendor: I have a question about an order that you placed. Who should I speak with?

BC: please call our studio and ask to speak with principal Pedro Cabas: 305.640.5005.

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