“ArtLifting means hope and it means possibility.” –Liz Powers

Study of 755 by Fracois Neilly by Stacey Williams

Craving a little good news? Well, we’ve got a really inspiring story for you…In 2013, Boston sibs Liz and Spencer Powers founded ArtLifting, a platform to help artists who are homeless and have disabilities.

Liz Powers with Jim Waters

Social worker Liz Powers, a self-described “Chief Happiness Spreader,” was leading art therapy groups in shelters and disability centers when she realized that many of her group members were extraordinarily gifted artists.

Artist Charles Blackwell

“I’d worked in homeless shelters and disability centers for over 10 years, when I got the idea to start art groups to alleviate the loneliness. I realized there were already existing art groups all across the country, about 1,000 of them, and that quality, salable art was being produced every day in these groups! The issue was that the art wasn’t going anywhere after. Instead it would just collect dust or be thrown out. This is where I realized the need for something like ArtLifting. ArtLifting gives these artists a previously nonexistent platform to sell their artwork,” says Liz.

Artist Jeff Roysdon

“Our artists have been endlessly hit with bad luck and have felt forgotten. They now have the chance to transform their own lives, to make their invisible talents visible.”

Red Landscape by Alicia Beach


“Art is a wound turned into light.” – Georges Braque

How does ArtLifting transform lives? In many ways, including the ability for artists to pursue a passion and to showcase and sell their original works—an opportunity that gives the artists tremendous self-confidence. And they are also transformed by the chance to earn an income. ArtLifting is a Public Benefit Company where every artist earns 55% of the profits. An additional 1% of the profit from each sale goes toward art supplies and the nationwide funding of art groups. “ArtLifting uses the remaining 44% to further our mission. We realize that in order to make sustainable change, we need to run a financially sustainable business,” says Liz.

Untitled 31 by Scott Benner

Liz tells us her goal, ultimately, is to “create a movement celebrating strengths. There are countless hidden talents out there, and our goal is to inspire people to notice them.”


Artist Lindsay


We think she’s achieving that goal. What began in 2013 with four Boston-based artists has now grown to 110 artists strong. And the artists’ works can be found in nearly every state.

With the help of notable clients like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Staples, Bain & Company, BCG, and licensing deals with Leesa, Starbucks, Costco, ThinOptics, and Parlor, gorgeous art has found its way into homes and businesses around the country.

When artists give form to revelation, their art can advance, deepen and potentially transform the consciousness of their community.” – Alex Grey

Structuring by Cameron Meek

Our Britto Charette team is inspired by the talented artists at ArtLifting and we are proud to announce that we will be installing some of their work in our Olympus project. We hope you’ll check back to see the final design.

We also hope you’ll consider purchasing from the talented artists at ArtLifting who are homeless and living with disabilities. You can contact Anne Crays, VP of Corporate Partnerships & Sales at:

617.971.6167  |

Structuring by Cameron Meek


Want to learn more? You can find ArtLifting on the following platforms:

Many companies, large and small, strive to foster an atmosphere of giving and well-being. Liz explores those goals in an article you can find here.

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