“True luxury is about creativity and craftsmanship.” –Robert Roy

For nearly 40 years, Roy Metal, Inc., a family-owned metal working company tucked into a quiet corner of Quebec, has gone about the unassuming but essential business of fabricating metal. Those seats and railings at United’s newly renovated Terminal C in Newark? You can thank Roy Metal. Toyota dealership signs found throughout North America? Roy Metal. Wall cabinets, racks, and pulls in Burberry and Macy’s? You guessed it, Roy Metal. “We have earned an enviable reputation as a trusted partner of top fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, and Tiffany & Co.,” says Director of Sales Francis Roy.

But those big and little pieces of shiny metal often go unnoticed. So when the company decided to launch their own furniture collection, they wanted a scene-stealer—a collection that would celebrate the meticulously crafted work of their artisans—and they got it. Working in collaboration with IDEA designer Elsa Vincent and her brother, Patrick, the LAYOR Collection was born. Their inspiration? The organic shapes and materials found in nature, like metal, stones, and wood. “Creativity requires a willingness to play with the raw materials. We liked the idea of working with metal and making it feel light,” says Roy.

“The collection is comprised of a sofa, a metal lace screen, tables, and coordinating chairs. Twelve pieces in all, it proves the generations of artisans at Roy really know how to gild a lily. “LAYOR is unique metal furniture with glass, stone, and marble accents. It’s unmistakably beautiful and different,” says Pam Demarest, head of business development. “We are excited about extending our talents and experience into creating custom designs for high end residential, hospitality, retail stores, and airports. We have a long legacy of metal artisans who inspire us to bring art to life, something the founder of our company, Robert Roy, has woven into the culture of our organization.”

Our Britto Charette team loves the LAYOR Collection’s fusing of soft leather and masculine metal—especially in the sofa. At ICFF last May, it stopped our very own David Charette in his tracks. “As soon as I saw the sofa, I had a million ideas for it—how to customize it for our clients and where to use it in residential and hospitality projects. It’s just a fantastic piece.”

Because Roy Metal does everything in-house, including plating and powder coating, they can customize the pieces in the collection—perfect for design teams like ours.

Want to learn more? Check out the brand spanking new website and LAYOR Collection here. Shh. Don’t tell anyone, but Hollywood has been knocking. Look for one of the LAYOR Collection tables in an upcoming romantic comedy.


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