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Britto Charette Visits Digital Art Convention

In October, Pasadena hosted LightBox Expo 2022, a gathering of more than 300 renowned artists who are currently working in the fields of gaming, illustration, live-action, and animation.

Our very own Susel Aleman Legra, a designer and emerging artist, attended the event to network with other artists and hone her skills. “The LightBoxExpo provided me with access to an incredible range of artists. I was able to have conversations with some of my heroes in the industry and to ask a lot of questions. And it was beneficial for me to chat with some of the representatives and recruiters from big companies like Sony, Nickelodeon, and Disney,” Susel said.

Left: Susel Aleman Legra at LightBox 2022;  top: work by John Nevarez; bottom: Susel with Ricky De Los Angeles

“When it comes to art, there isn’t just one way--everyone is experimenting. I try to do my work differently every time so that I can learn new techniques and improve.”

Susel has always been intrigued by art, color, and light. “I fell in love with art at a young age,” she said. “When I was a child and growing up in Paris, my mother and I visited the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay on the first Sunday of every month. Van Gogh was my favorite artist, and I couldn’t wait to visit his paintings at the Musée d’Orsay where I would spend hours studying them. I also loved and was inspired by the museum’s Art Nouveau furniture collection.  My grandfather saw my interest and gave me some pastels when I was 16. I began drawing with them on black paper and I loved the contrast of the pastels on the black paper and playing with blank space. It started my passion for drawing.”

“Digital art doesn’t get the credit it should.”

Susel Aleman Legra 

We are grateful to have Susel working with us in our studio, and the principals have been leaning on her digital art capabilities as they design new furniture and accessories. “Helping Susel enhance those digital art skills is important to us,” said David Charette, principal. “A big part of our team’s design process involves using the latest technology, so when Susel said  LightBox could be an inspiration and a way to think differently about how we design or the technology we use, we wanted to support her.”  

“Fornasetti was a revelation,” Susel said. “Seeing what Fornasetti does with furniture and wallcoverings really inspired me. I want to enhance my digital art skills so that I can apply them to create furniture and accessories. And seeing what technology my heroes in the digital art field are using was helpful.”

Susel sketching at Max Ulichney seminar; LightBox 2022

“As an artist, if you want to grow, you have to combine traditional art techniques and digital art techniques, and not simply rely on or favor one medium.”

But for Susel, LightBox did more than offer the chance to improve her skills and discover more technology. It also allowed her to connect with other artists who are as passionate about their craft as she is. “Sometimes it can be a bit like living in my own artist’s bubble,” she said. “I’m so focused on what I do that it can be difficult for others to understand. But at LightBox, everyone there has the same passion. Everyone understood me. It felt so nice to be around people who do what I do and who are excited about all of the possibilities digital art allows.”

“Digital art makes it possible to play with colors, shapes, opacity, and light in a way that isn’t as easy to do in ‘traditional’ art.”

Interested in learning more about digital art and how to create it? Susel has done the legwork for you. Check out her recommendations below: 





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